Install an Andersen A2 electric vehicle (EV) charging point

High-end, well-engineered chargepoint that is excellent to look at.

The Andersen A2 is unlike any other electric vehicle (EV) charger. As much attention has been paid to its design as its functionality. The Andersen A2 comes as standard with free access to the Kønnect 2.0 smart application which allows you to track, manage and monitor your EV charging sessions. Like other charging points, Kønnect 2.0 makes it possible to use surplus generated solar or wind energy to charge your electric car.

Install an Andersen A2 EV charging point

Key features

LED display on the front panel indicates charging status.

Smart charger with mobile application (Konnect 2.0)

Reliable ethernet internet connection

Built in bluetooth connection

Modular design so that you can change the design, upgrade or repair at any time

Fully customisable design

Tethered Type 1 or 2 cable with hidden compartment for the EV connector

If you select a high-end EV charger then you also want to make sure the installation is high-quality and bespoke to your requirements. Elecology is a nationwide OLEV approved installation partner of Andersen. Please get in touch if you would like advice on installing an A2.

How much does it cost to install an Andersen A2 EV charging point?

The Andersen A2 costs £830.00. The retail price excludes the OLEV grant deduction and installation costs which can vary depending on your current electrical infrastructure and the proposed location of the EV charging point. Request a quote today and we will provide you with a fully costed EV charging point installation plan within 48 hours.

All prices are exclusive of VAT