Install an EO charger - EO Mini Pro

Compact EV charging station with a minimalistic design for discrete charging.

The EO Mini Pro is a simple charging solution perfect for anyone who wants a hassle free solution to their electric vehicle (EV) charging requirements. Its compact design and the ability to select whichever colour you want means it will discreetly blend into its surroundings.

Install an EO mini pro - charger.jpg

Key features

3.6kW & 7kW charging speeds

Universal socket, or with a tethered Type 1 or 2 cable

Available in Black, Silver & White plus custom colours available

Homeplace and workplace Office of Low Emission Vehicle (OLEV) approved EV charging point

Smart charger with mobile application (eMotorWerks)

Three-year warranty

Elecology is a nationwide OLEV approved EV charging point installer for all EO Charging’s stations. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about the installation of an EO charger and the OLEV grant.

How much does it cost to install an EO Mini Pro charging point?

The untethered EO Mini Pro retails at £600.00. The retail price excludes the OLEV grant deduction and installation costs which can vary depending on your current electrical infrastructure and the proposed location of the EV charging point. Request a quote today and we will provide you with a fully costed EV charging point installation plan within 48 hours.

All prices are exclusive of VAT