We install electric vehicle (EV) charging points at home, at work, in public car parks and retail locations.

Elecology is a dynamic organisation, providing a connective solution to the challenges that today’s low-emission infrastructure requires. We aim to facilitate the protection of the earth's resources and encourage the use of electric vehicles (EV) by installing car charging points throughout the UK.

No matter your requirements, we can provide an EV charging solution that suits you.

At home electric car charging


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We will help you to choose the right type of charging point for your electric car and home infrastructure, install the charge point and train you in its use.

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Are you thinking about installing electric car charging points? Find the right EV charging solution to meet your business requirements.

Destination EV charging points


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Your customers will come to expect charging facilities at their disposal. Install EV charging points and be part of the shift to low-emission vehicles.


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